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Eye exams without vision insurance

It is not true that you MUST have vision insurance to have a routine eye exam.

Many people believe this and some even feel bad about not having a vision plan. Some of the new plans in the insurance market place do not include a routine exam for adults.

However, a routine eye exam can be paid for out of pocket. It can run around $100 for an exam and you will receive a prescription for eye glasses. If you want contact lenses that exam can run about $170. It can be paid for out of a Health Savings Account also know as a flex spending account.

Many people feel that this is a lot to pay for a visit to the eye doctor. Here’s what you are paying for…..

After graduating from an undergraduate school – anchoring his or her knowledge in math and sciences such as algebra, calculus, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, organic chemistry and physics – your eye doctor spends four years learning specifically about the eye.

While working in the profession the eye doctor takes mandatory continuing education to keep up with the latest in the field.

While your doctor is examining you he or she is thinking about all the health conditions and visual demands that affect your vision.

So far, I think most would agree that level of expertise is a bargain for $100.

I know that it is less than paying a premium of $10-$20/month for a “free” exam.

What about the eyeglasses? Nowadays, the cost of a complete pair of eyeglasses are often less expense out of pocket than with the insurance coverage.

A lot of people think nothing of spending $100 on clothes, dinner, music, an i-phone, toys, a puppy, a computer upgrade, games, a tattoo or a trip.

All of these were listed among the top ten things to spend $100 on but none of which is enjoyable without good vision! How many of the above mentioned items will you even be using after a year?

So to wrap up,yes you can have an eye exam without vision insurance, it will probably cost less than if you have vision insurance and you are getting so much more than things that will last for only a short time.

Having good vision and healthy eyes so that you can function well and enjoy your life is worth the annual fee.