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Womens Health Month

The emphasis of Women’s Health Month is to encourage women to take time to care for themselves; hopefully to even be proactive in their health care. I have included a link at the end of this article that will help in this pursuit.

The average woman’s day is spent taking care of someone else and ignoring their own needs. I know one woman who stepped on a piece of glass and had it embedded in her foot for one week while she continued to care for others. Finally her foot swelled up and she was forced to take care of herself.

Ultimately, women must take care of ourselves if we are to continue to care for others. It’s like they say on the airplane, put on your oxygen mask first then assist others.

As an eye care provider, for woman’s health month I want to mention dry eye. In this disease, for various reasons the eye does not have enough tears. It is a chronic condition which affects more women than men and it is totally manageable.

Many busy women rationalize the dry, gritty feeling in their eyes and believe that they will have to get used to it. Nothing is further from the truth. Dry eye can be successfully managed by your eye doctor with a personalized combination of hygiene, drops, supplements. You can take a test for dry eye by clicking this link

This October take the time to consider all your health needs. Make time to set appointments for an annual health exam, a dental and eye exam.

Reconsider lifestyle; do you need to change your diet or increase your physical activity in order to maintain a healthy weight? Do you need to limit alcohol or smoking? Do you need to get help to achieve any of these changes? If so investigate your options and take action by setting appointments to meet with your chosen support systems.

A plethora of information on women’s health can be found at There can you get information to help optimally manage your health so you can continue to support all the people you love.